We believe in a brand-led approach to designing the passenger experience

We know we can create an excellent seat in a luxury lounge, in a well designed and modern plane interior. But all these only really come to life when there’s someone enjoying them.

Our mission is to understand our passengers, their local culture, their territory, and to take it to the world.


Four pillars shape the solutions we deliver

Whole cabin

We are a
one stop shop for aircraft product design

Translating brands
into experiences

We immerse ourselves in your brand before we interpret how it converts into product language


We don’t just
follow trends

We deliver innovations that can change
the industry

True partners

We believe in collaboration across traditional boundaries


Delivering creative design solutions to help define the on-board experience

Research and trend analysis


Brand integration

Idea generation and concepts

Lopa definition

Design refinement

Mock-ups (spatial to PDR)

Technical design development

Colour, materials and finish