At last year’s Hamburg Expo we exhibited a Premium Economy seat model for Acro Aero: the Series 7 concept. The initial concept generated high interest within the industry and received great write-ups.

After such a positive reception we set about developing the next step in the Series 7 evolution. We began to explore options to make the Series 7 a truly viable catalogue offering. We reviewed feedback from visitors to 2015’s AIX stand as well as our partner Acro, and focus was kept on enhancing the passenger experience as much as possible.

Updates from the original concept include numerous additional stowage options, more ergonomic applications in terms of recline and seat controls, and a personal table for each passenger allowing for more storage, living space and privacy. In keeping with the “less is more” philosophy the thin, lightweight shell means that airlines can maintain a comfortable amount of legroom with much smaller pitch required. The seat optimises cabin space with a 30 inch living space width, leading the competition in PY class.

The seat back and pan dimensions can be modified to fit multiple cabin sizes, able to be fitted across a variety of airline fleets without compromising any of its features. This also means that the seat can be used both for narrow-body business classes and wide-body premium economy.

Along with highly customisable trim and finish options, this innovative seat is quickly making its name as one of the most versatile designs around. This latest mock-up kept the Acro stand teeming with visitors throughout 2016’s show, and we look forward to the next step.