Prompted by the potential commercial benefits of long range narrow body aircraft, over the last few years, Factorydesign have created another business class concept that offers and enhanced experience beyond a standard 2-2 configuration found on narrow body aircraft.

There is a strong opinion in the industry that long-haul single aisle aircraft will be a significant growth area. There is also increasing interest in these aircraft in response to the impact of the pandemic, due to the increased flexibility and route efficiency they can offer. So we believe the single aisle aircraft market will grow significantly in the coming years.

ACCESS is a lazy-Z, fixed back lounger with direct aisle access for all passengers, which prioritises aisle access over a lie-flat, and has a higher cabin density than lie-flat seats. Perhaps for some airlines, a more dense product that still provides direct aisle access will be more appropriate than a space-hungry fully lie-flat seat. The premium element of the product being the ability (or choice) to move without disturbing others, rather than a bed, particularly on routes where an aircraft may make up to four trips a day, three of which are daylight flights.

The window seat of the ACCESS layout has an alternative egress path for the window seats, exiting to the aisle behind their adjacent passenger. Alternatively this space could be closed off to provide additional console space for couples travelling together. The lazy-Z recline offers the next best in comfort from a lie-flat bed and has a privacy screen for enhanced privacy from the aisle which bridges the gap between a standard 2-2 configuration and lie-flat bed products.