The Reel World

I have spent the last couple of days in the reel world, living the life of a film extra on a film shoot in a secret location. . ….. Intrigued?… Continued


I went to the Cleantech Investor LED lighting breakfast this morning at the ‘Gherkin’. LEDs are definately the future of lighting solutions. The energy savings are enormous; the example given… Continued


It amazing how quickly you get used to just flying somewhere…… until that option becomes tricky. Whether it be volcanic dust clouds or volcanic unions, the inability to ‘book it… Continued

I was asked a tricky question………..

…….. To what extent do you think new graduates could realistically fulfill social agendas / become involved in ‘social projects’ within industry ? and this was my long answer……… This… Continued

Keeping it real…

Since it’s likely to be a bit wet this weekend (in the UK at least), if you’re looking for something to read check out Pete’s view on mock-ups and more… Continued

Trading places with Adrian Berry

Factorydesign has been invoved with the Design Business Association’s Inclusive Design Challenge since it’s first year, and have participated in numerous other events in its ten year history. The Trading… Continued

D&AD professional awards

On one hand, not such a jolly day for me… though on the other the organisation, company, and spirit made it a great day out. So if that sounds confused,… Continued