In the UK, many of us attach huge importance on the car we drive. It reflects our wealth, taste and status. We cherish them like pets – making sure they’re… Continued

carbon neutral showers

Back in the office today after a week or so at the Glastonbury festival building the carbon neutral showers for Greenpeace. The showers are powered by an Okofen wood chip… Continued

Incentivise to save the planet?

I went to the free Rage Against The Machine concert in Finsbury park on Sunday, which transported me back to being about 15 years old as I leapt up and… Continued

The Reel World

I have spent the last couple of days in the reel world, living the life of a film extra on a film shoot in a secret location. . ….. Intrigued?… Continued


I went to the Cleantech Investor LED lighting breakfast this morning at the ‘Gherkin’. LEDs are definately the future of lighting solutions. The energy savings are enormous; the example given… Continued


It amazing how quickly you get used to just flying somewhere…… until that option becomes tricky. Whether it be volcanic dust clouds or volcanic unions, the inability to ‘book it… Continued