Aircraft Interiors International Magazine – Autonomous Flying

We were featured in the 2019 Showcase edition of Aircraft Interiors International discussing a futuristic concept of Autonomous flights in commercial aviation.

“Autonomous Flight Frees up the best seat in the house.” says Matthew Fiddimore, design associate.

Imagine a passenger cabin that extends all the way to the nose of the aircraft. With future autonomous flight, there is an opportunity to radically rethink the traditional layout of the aircraft.

Pilot and cockpit can be removed liberating the very best real-estate for the passenger.

This new in-flight destination, would constantly change throughout the flight, giving passengers new experiences every time they visit  –  180 degree views of the Earth’s curvature really bringing back the wonder of flight – a dramatic return to the original in-flight entertainment.

With the flight deck removed, the opportunities are broad: A fully contained First Class Cabin with panoramic views and even more prestige for seat 1A. A Business class lounge complete with observation deck or an open, light-filled economy cabin with space to admire the view. – the possibilities are truly exciting.

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