Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

The annual Clerkenwell Design Week events around the east London area is always a huge draw among the industry. Our trim & finish specialist Lindsay Bosonotto went along to check it out – here are a few of her favourite bits:

The exhibitions this year were dotted around and enabled visitors not only to see installations, but to explore the Clerkenwell area and its atmospheric architecture. Categories of design were separated into different venues – a particular favourite being Icon House of Culture set up at Fabric nightclub. The club’s impressive brick vaults were a welcome respite from the London sun and a fantastic space to display lighting.


“Haberdashery” – the Canopy pendant, designed to evoke the dappled light passing through a forest canopy, realised as a gently-animated effect on its hand-blown crystal”

As well as inside exhibitions, the show also presented some cool street spectacles and design projects commissioned especially for the show. Particularly new material capabilities were explored by designers like this rainbow tree by Harper Downie:


The splurging roots are made from poured resin, the trunk is applied with a palette knife to bring colour and texture and the branches are strands of silicon which move in the breeze. Areas such as this were so nice to sit down and observe.

The capabilities of Corian were shown off in the below installation, “Order”, by Aldworth James & Bond, located in St. John’s Gate. The structure was comprised of digitally fabricated octagons inspired by St. John’s Cross, connected to create a multi-dimensional structure standing over three metres high.lbclerk3

Giles Miller Studio installed a showroom, “The Bolt”, for Shinola, a Detroit-based watch factory. In typically iconic Miller style, the pavilion was created from 8000 pieces of lightning-bolt shaped plywood, giving the walls a dynamic flowing effect.


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